About Me

Hello, I am so happy that you have found The Orange Bead Collective! 

My name is Bree Blatchford and I am a recent graduate from the Sotheby's Institute of Art in California. I am 26 years old, have three siblings, one dog and two cats, and an unhealthy obsession with all things Disney. I hope to one day be apart of an art appraisal/advising firm and travel all over the world for my job. I have always been considered bubbly and outgoing by my loved ones and enjoy making new friends, (especially if they are furry, walk on four legs, and have a tail)! These are all important parts that make up my entire self.

Another important part of me is that I suffer from Depression and Anxiety. I was diagnosed in March of this past year, however it is believed that I have been battling both since high school. This struggle has overtaken my life, causing me to become introverted and have trouble doing simple, daily things like getting out of bed in the morning. Every day was, and still is, an internal battle with my mind, my emotions, and my overactive thoughts. I created The Orange Bead Collective to not only get everything out on the table about myself, but to also create a space where individuals feel comfortable sharing their experiences with Mental Illnesses and the debilitating effects of them. I hope to open up communication about Depression and remove the stigma that still lingers over the word and anyone who suffers. I also hope to encourage education about these Mental Illnesses to those individuals who don't suffer... I believe this will alleviate the social strain surrounding them and better our society for the future. 

My ultimate goal is to create an open, honest, accepting world that I will be proud to bring my children into. Hopefully if they ever suffer from Depression or another Mental Illness, they will be treated with kindness and understanding cultivated from The Orange Bead Collective mission.