The Orange Bead Collective Bracelet

Bree Blatchford


When I initially saw the beads at the supply store, they didn’t exactly jump out at me. Their edges looked unfinished and the orange glass beads were so tiny, they could hardly be what I was looking for. However, as I looked closer, I realized that they were absolutely ideal for the bracelets. The round shape obviously represents something that has no definite beginning and end, rather a smooth fluidity throughout. The unfinished edges reminded me of the most important aspect of my life, that it is, in fact, unfinished. I wanted to be able to always look down at my wrist and realize that, just like the little orange bead, I still have so much to do and accomplish in my life, I wasn’t even close to be finished. Something that seemed so easy to pass over and discount became the largest signifying force behind the purpose for The Orange Bead Collective and I hope that it brings you the same warm feeling it does me when you wear it on your wrist.

Wear the Orange. Be Proud. Be Honest. Be Loud in your convictions and realize that a mental illness can’t box you in. You are here in this world and deserve to be.

The proceeds go to benefit the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. For more information on the Support Alliance, visit:

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